A place where an informal atmosphere promotes creativity and new ideas. Effective meetings of employees from different departments who, having a cup of coffee, share information; knowledge as well as experience. This place is the Lounge Area.

Soft furniture for the Lounge Area - a modern design, easy use, and colors which ensure energy and relaxation at the same time. Individual modules allow you to adapt it to your needs. More and more companies invest in lounge areas, gaining an image of a friendly company with more relaxes staff. Lounge Area is an investment in your employees.

    Mesh is an elegant piece of furniture with a contemporary character. Designed to enrich your space with an inviting and home-like feeling. The comfort and coziness of this product cannot leave any user indifferent. Creates friendly office spaces, it can be easily customized to fit a specific space or need. Mesh was created with a high attention to detail, combining a tailored, craft-based approach with the precision of high-volume technology. The frame was produced using precision bending machines and welding robots. The comfort and advanced shapes of the cushions were achieved using foam-injection moulding technology. All elements were then upholstered with a precisely & painstakingly tailored, form-fitting fabric cover.

    The product awarded with iF DESIGN AWARD 2017, an international sign of design and excellence. The iF Design Award is organized by German's oldest independent International Forum Design GmbH.

    The Mesh Collection was awarded with the prestigious must have 2017. The must have is a contest in which the Council of Experts recognizes best projects by Polish designers and manufacturers to reflect the important trends in local design.