ISOMANTIC by Nicholas Yust
ISOMANTIC by Nicholas Yust


LMD Price: $1,680.00

Product Code : WD-13004

Have you ever had the chance to experience microscopic organisms or deep underwater life. That hidden world is mind-bogglingly beautiful and full of colors and glow. The creatures in the deep ocean who don't have light source create their own light and glow like a magic lantern thousands of feet under water. That's a striking imagery and one not many of use have the pleasure to witness live. This excellent large multi-panel and rich multicolor extravaganza has managed to give us a glimpse into that world. The colors and the majestic glow replicates those creates and gives us a virtual tour of remarkable natural beauty through its cool geometric lines and fluorescent rich colors. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

This modern metal artwork will look wonderful in any living space, like above the headboard in your guest room, where your visitors can admire it freely. Electrolytic Blue would also be a wonderful piece of office decor. No business is complete without incredible artwork, and this mulit-panel sculpture will fit right in. It is sophisticated and thought provoking - just the right thing for visitors and employees alike. No matter where you choose to place this metal sculpture, you will find that all of those who come across it are simply captivated.
  • Materials: Aerospace-Grade Aluminum, Semi-Transparent Acrylic Paints
  • Finish: Painted w/ UV-Resistant Clear Coat
  • Colors: Purple, Blue, Green
  • Design: Artistic grind pattern w/ cool colors
  • Structure: Single-layer metal panel
  • Use: Indoor/Outdoor

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