FLEXURE by Nicholas Yust
FLEXURE by Nicholas Yust


LMD Price: $895.00

Product Code : WD-13010

Flexure is a captivating multi-panel metal wall sculpture that is certain to thrill and captivate those fortunate enough to see it live. It is as if a beautiful starburst is bing seen through the waves of the ocean, the light reflecting off of the glassy surface. As you lose yourself in the artwork and allow your imagination to wander, you may find yourself imagining that this is just what a star might look like to a mermaid. Flexure also possesses a sort of hypnotic pull. The longer you look at the metal wall art, the more drawn you become to the beauty of the flowing lines - following each one from the edge to the corner. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

This modern metal artwork will look wonderful in any living space, like above the headboard in your guest room, where your visitors can admire it freely. Flexure would also be a wonderful piece of office decor. No business is complete without incredible artwork, and this multi-panel sculpture will fit right in. It is sophisticated and thought provoking - just the right thing for visitors and employees alike. No matter where you choose to place this metal sculpture, you will find that all of those who come across it are simply captivated.
  • Materials: Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
  • Finish: Natural metal finish
  • Colors: Metallic/Silver - Reflects ambient colors nicely
  • Design: Artistic grind patterns applied by hand
  • Structure: Single layer, multi-panel metal
  • Use: Indoor/Outdoor

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