Inspired by industrial architecture and warehouses - the Hako soundproof pods improve the acoustic quality of contemporary office spaces. Its name means a box in Japanese. Referring to traditional Japanese grid systems, it highlights the modular look of its structure. The variety of components allows us to create multifunctional architectural pieces: from private pod to meeting room accommodating several people. As the bottom part of the booth is eliminated, it features mobility, meets the needs of disabled people and facilities cable management, and all that without compromising stability. Work comfort is given a boost thanks to automatic light and silent fans. Dividing office space without building permanent walls, Hako ensures privacy during meetings.

    Quiet zones in demanding and buzzing office spaces - the Hana Acoustic Pods work well in even the most dynamic environment.  Their modular structure and ergonomic form of a phone booth offer a variety of possible arrangements meeting diverse needs - a place for phone calls or individual focused work.  This arrangement can be easily modified.  Inspired by triangular flower leaves, it characteristic shape completes the look of a contemporary office highlighting the interior design and improving employees creativity.  With an automatic lighting, quiet fans and transparent ceiling ensuring the light comes from the outside, the Hana booths provide comfort to their users.  Sound absorbing material that's used on the inside as well as outside walls improves not only acoustics of the pod itself, but also of the whole office environment.